5 Tips for a Valuable Commercial Landscape Design

An effective commercial landscape design should serve two purposes. One, improve its aesthetic appeal, and two, enhance its functionality – both of which can significantly impact your business. The following tips can help you and your professional team to put tother a design that works to add value for your business.


Compliment Your Architecture

Chances are, you spend a pretty penny on the structure and maintenance of your building. 

Your landscape design can be a tool to accentuate the aesthetics of the architecture. The architecture’s colors, angles, and textures can be complemented by various landscape and hardscape features.


Make a Statement

Think about how you want people to engage with your space. Do you want them to gather or linger? You may want to ensure shade and benches. Want people to move along? Then you may want to focus on lined walkways.


Be Mindful of Maintenance

Keep your maintenance budget in mind when you design. How much mowing will it entail? Certain shrubs and bushes require significant trimming and maintenance. Others essentially take care of themselves. These considerations can help set your business up for financial success.  


Direct Traffic Flow

Plants and shrubs can be a great way to highlight entry and exit points for vehicles to move through your parking lot. Ensure larger trees and bushes do not obstruct the view of traffic. Plant and shrub-lined walkways can direct people to your main entrance, and shrubs can deter them from private areas.  


Aim to Sustain

 A good landscape design should have sustainability in mind. Where possible, place trees to create shade to keep your building cool in the summer and provide a barrier from cold winds in the winter. Utilize water run-off to water beds and keep water bills down.  


These are just a few considerations for making your landscape design work for you. However, the best design will depend on your unique property and goals. Contact the professionals at Land Design Network for a custom design and free quote.


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