Fall Clean-Ups: Everything You Should Know

When temperatures start to drop, some people think about pumpkin spice. We start thinking about Fall clean-ups. Whether you take on the task yourself or hire a landscaping company, fall clean-ups are vital to your yard’s health and overall home safety.


Clearing out those continuously falling leaves is a necessary evil. If not removed, they are guaranteed to create issues. From slip and fall hazards to killing your plants through sun and oxygen deprivation – they simply have to go.


Preparing your lawn for winter helps it wake up healthy in spring. The first step to lawn winterization prep is moving it short to deter funguses. Next, aerate to promote water distribution and ensure that nutrients reach grass roots. Lastly, we recommend fertilizing to provide the nutrients your yard needs to survive a long, cold winter and, in turn, wake up lush in springtime.


Garden prep will depend on your particular plants; however, the following are a few basic steps. Trim hedges and bushes so that they will look neat through the cold season. Deadhead, or cut back, perennials to encourage their next bloom. Raking mulch will help prevent mold and deter weed growth. Lastly, protect your sensitive plants, like roses, by wrapping them through the winter.


Look for dead branches or signs of disease in your trees. Unhealthy trees can easily become homes for critters or a dangerous hazard during winter storms. Prune branches or call in a tree service for more significant issues.  

House & Tools

Clear out gutters and downspouts of all debris and test that they are draining properly. Drain your hoses, clean your tools, and store them neatly in a dry location. Power wash decks and apply weatherproof stain if applicable.  

While fall clean-ups are quite a project, they are just about the best thing you can do to ensure a healthy and vibrant yard come spring. Land Design Network can help – contact us today if you would like to schedule your clean-up.  

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