Why You Need A Pro To Design & Plant Your NJ Landscape

It’s that time of year again when your flowers are put to bed. And the rest of your landscape is dropping leaves and slowing down.

Yet, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your Chester, Mendham, or Basking Ridge, NJ beds, and woody plants. Indeed, this is the time of year to hire a pro to design and plant your NJ landscape for springtime blooms.

The Problem

In August, you were invited to attend a party at your neighbor’s house. They just installed a new patio and had some new plants added to their landscape. You were blown away by the color and wide variety of plants placed closely together. So you hired the same company who worked on your neighbor’s home.

That crew installed the same bulbs, shrubs, trees, and perennials as your neighbor’s. Yet, you’re disappointed with the results. Some of the plants died, others barely thrived and the perennials’ blooms weren’t what you were expecting.

What Went Wrong?

Your gardener didn’t take into consideration these 5 factors:

  1. Your soil type and health
  2. Your soil drainage problems
  3. The lack of afternoon sunlight that falls on your flower beds
  4. The gardener ignored fundamental landscape design: spacing, unity, and repetition
  5. The company used plant materials that didn’t have a warranty and were sub-par in quality.

The Solution

The best solution to the above problems is to hire a professional landscape company where the landscaper will sit down with you to create a master plan. You don’t need to complete the entire plan in one year. Instead, you can add different plant materials over a period of time.

A pro will take in all of the design elements for a successful landscape, including soil type, drainage, and spacing. At the Landscape Networker, I’ll come to your home to assess your soil’s health; the amount of sunlight each part of your property receives throughout the day; current design; and what you envision for a beautiful property.

At the Landscape Networker, you can rest assured that

  1. I’ll fix your drainage problems so water will percolate down deep into the soil without flooding. Additionally, if you have slopes, I’ll design and build a drainage system to absorb rainwater without causing erosion or drowning your new plants.
  2. I’ll add the right amount of fertilizer at the right time to bring your soil back to health.
  3. I take in the entire picture of your property’s landscape design. For example, I know what plants will look like at their full height and I place them accordingly.
  4. I incorporate basic design elements, such as repetition, continuation, and continuity into your property’s master plan. At the same time, I make sure that you have continual seasonal color throughout the year.
  5. I only install the best plants that come with a one-year warranty. So if they don’t thrive or survive, you have something to fall back on when you don’t get your return on investment.

Do you want to learn more about my landscape design and installments as well as the process of building a good drainage system? Then check out my YouTube videos. And remember, now is the perfect time to install bulbs, shrubs, and trees into your NJ landscape.

If you live in Bernardsville, Far Hills, Bedminster, or their surrounding areas, then call me at 973-476-4863 or fill out my contact form.



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